Solve Launch Wound Pouches

Our recently appointed Japanese distributor, Solve Corporation, launched our complete range of Wound Pouches at a conference this month.

Japanese ET nurses were delighted to have access to the comfortable, skin friendly, cost effective and time saving pouches to help them in their day to day work managing fistulas, multiple or irregular stomas and high-output wounds. They were particularly impressed with the flexible Cohesive skin barrier on the pouches and the option to use an Access Window to view, dress or irrigate the wound. Stuart Menary, TG Eakin Ltd, is pictured at the conference (left).

Solve Corporation were pleased to have the opportunity to welcome Dr. Grace McGroggan, TG Eakin Ltd to the conference to present her enzyme study, ‘Are all ostomy seals equal?’ Grace’s findings, in conjunction with Queen’s University Belfast, concluded that Cohesive® seals are the most absorbent seals on the market. In addition, they are the most effective at binding aggressive faecal enzymes, lipase and elastase, and therefore stopping them from harming the skin.