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It‘s not unusual to experience some issues throughout your ostomy journey, especially in the early days but don’t panic. Fortunately, most of these issues can be fixed with a few adjustments and can be very easily managed. Find the problem below that you may be experiencing and select to get the solution to help solve the issue.

Creases and folds

The skin around your stoma may be uneven due to creases or folds, this can vary from person to person. Uneven skin can cause your pouch to not sit snugly against your skin, which may lead to leakages or sore skin. Click for recommendations to help with creases and skin folds.

Stoma not in an ideal position

If you have had emergency surgery and your stoma was not sited before your operation, your stoma may not be in the most ideal place on your abdomen. For example, too close to the midline scar or the hip bone. This can cause the pouch to leak. Click for recommendations to help with a poorly sited stoma.


The term parastomal hernia is used to describe a bulge or swelling on or around your stoma potentially causing appliance security issues. The hernia could cause your stoma to change in size or shape making it difficult to attach a pouch which may cause problems with leakage. Click for recommendations to help with managing your stoma when you have a hernia

Loose Output

A loose/liquid output is more likely to cause leaks and cause you to empty or change your bag more often than you would like. Some foods to try to help thicken your output and slow it down include, marshmallows, jelly beans or a ripe banana. Click for recommendations to help with loose output.

Choose the correct pouch

Sometimes the first pouch you choose or is recommended to you by the nurse is not the correct pouch for you in the longer term. If your body shape changes, if you put on weight or lose weight, or you become active – you may need to try alternative pouches to obtain a reliable stoma management routine, this may require input from your stoma nurse. Click for pouch recommendations.

Measure your stoma

Within the first 6-8 weeks your stoma will shrink in size. If the hole is too big then your skin could be exposed to output and if the hole is too small, It will prevent the pouch adhering to the skin. The process to ensure your appliance fits is straight forward. Use your measuring guide once a week to measure the size of your stoma and cut your pouch to the most appropriate size. By doing that you should be able to prevent and manage any leakages. Click for recommendations.

I am making frequent pouch changes

If you change your pouch more often than recommended you risk causing damage to your skin around the stoma. Closed pouch – more than 3 times a day , Drainable pouch more than once a day, Urostomy pouch more than alternate days. Click for ideas to help prolong the wear time of your pouch.

Do you need some

help & advice?

Do you need some help & advice?

We have created a range of articles to help new ostomates come to terms with the situation they are facing. They offer help and advice on topics such as preparing for surgery, applying an ostomy pouch, diet and lifestyle issues.

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