Why eakin Wound Pouches™ | eakin®
Wound care

Why eakin Wound Pouches™

Simple, yet extraordinary products for the management of fistulas and wounds that generate exudate.

Key benefits

  • Efficient use of time: quick and easy to apply.
  • Designed to connect easily to continuous drainage.2,9
  • A gentle solution for challenging situations including exposed bowel, fungating tumours and small, deep sinuses.
  • Any nurse can use: limited specialist training required.
  • Enables accurate fluid measurement and testing: important for maintaining
    fluid levels and electrolyte balances.2
  • Easy inspection and cleaning without removing the pouch, using the Access Window.TM. 2,9
  • Promotes comfort.1
  • Helps to contain odour.2,9,10
  • Enables greater mobility1,2,6,7 in hospital or at home.
  • Product is designed to be non-invasive easy and quick to apply and inspect.
  • Supports a safer environment. No electric leads or tubes.5,6,7
  • Fewer product changes helps ensure less disruption to the patient.
  • eakin Wound Pouches™ can stay in place for multiple days, achieving a greater wear time than dressings.
  • Nursing time is reduced as the product is quick to apply and the frequency of product change is reduced.2
  • Access Windows™ allow instant access to the wound for inspecting or irrigating without having to remove the eakin Wound Pouch™.
  • Patient can be managed in the home environment, ensuring cost savings to the hospital and/or insurance company.
  • Ease of application and use ensures nurse training is easy, short in duration and can be self-directed.
  • eakin Wound Pouches™ do not require additional componentry or reliance on resources such as electricity to be functional.