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Our Roots

Mission and Values

By building on the success of our past and by encouraging the full talents of all our people, we will continue to ensure that our brands excel for their innovation, quality products and service. We will achieve this through active communications with our customers to ensure that we only provide solutions to their needs or enhancements to their quality of life.

Company Values & Beliefs

  • To ensure complete integrity, honesty and fairness in all we do and say
  • To provide a fair, safe, rewarding, caring, modern and pleasant work environment for our employees
  • To ensure the highest quality products, localised for each country, provide a new level of comfort and security to our clients
  • Our products and services should constantly be evaluated and where necessary updated and added to with suggestions and input from our customers
  • To provide a top quality level of service to all our customers and business partners
  • To grow through fair partnerships with influencers in healthcare and with industry, providing support for mutual benefit
  • To operate efficiently and cost effectively ensuring that profits are maximised
  • To welcome and encourage innovation, initiative and change from all where the end result is positive and beneficial
  • To operate harmoniously with the local and wider communities, showing care for the community in which we are based
  • Laughter is the best medicine