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Eakin Rebrand!

Happy New Year everyone! With the arrival of the new year, comes our new corporate branding. Our new website is a prime example of this.

Happy New Year everyone!  With the arrival of the new year, comes our new corporate branding.  You will see from our new logo that we have moved away from the multi-coloured branding, towards a cleaner, fresher purple, grey and white look. One of the reasons for this, was that when surveyed, a large number of our distributors could not recall the specific colours for each product group. We felt that our branding was becoming diluted as more products and colours came on board.

The first stage of rebranding is at a corporate level. This is evident on our new website and we invite you to explore some of the newest features such as the problem/solution section, the user guides, not forgetting your individual country page.  Following a survey with our distributors last year, we have endeavoured to include as many of their suggestions as possible and we thank them for their contribution. We hope that they are happy with the end product.

The second stage of rebranding will be at a product level. From July 2011 you will begin to notice changes in Cohesive® packaging to bring it into line with the corporate brand. From November 2011, the Wound Pouches will follow. The remaining product groups will be rebranded during 2012.

These changes will happen gradually so that we can minimize wastage and we ask that you bear with us as we work through this process. The end result will be a fresh new look for TG Eakin Limited.