Saddlebag Technique: using two or more eakin Wound Pouches™ to dress large wounds. | eakin®

Saddlebag Technique: using two or more eakin Wound Pouches™ to dress large wounds.

Materials required:

• 2 or more eakin Wound Pouches

• eakin skin barriers or eakin Cohesive® seals

• Curved Scissors

• eakin Cohesive® paste

eakin Access Window™ (optional)

How to:

1. Create a template to cover the entire wound by taping together two or more eakin Wound Pouch™ cutting templates.

The words eakin Wound Pouch™ should be in REVERSE.

2. Place the template over the wound and trace out the shape of the wound using a permanent marker.

3. Place two eakin Wound Pouches™ side by side. Draw a dashed line 2cm from the inside cutting line. This is a guide for folding the release paper and sticking the pouches together.

4. Fold back the release paper on each pouch to the dashed line.

5. Place the pouches on top of each other and press together the exposed Cohesive® from each pouch, ensuring there is a tight seam.

6. Position the pouches so the release paper is facing up. Cut the peeled back release paper away.

7. Place the transparent cutting template over the two pouches. FLIP the template. The words eakin Wound Pouches™ should now read correctly.

8. Cut out the shape of the wound. Do not cut through the seam joining both pouches. Do not cut past the dotted line on the release paper.

9. Picture frame the wound with strips of eakin Cohesive® skin barriers or eakin Cohesive® seals. Add eakin Cohesive® paste to any areas surrounding the wound that are particularly uneven or deep.

10. Remove the release paper from the pouches and place them over the wound. Apply firm but gentle pressure for at least 30 seconds to ensure that the adhesive adheres to the skin surface.

How-to video guide: