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People focused

Mission and Values

By building on the success of our past and by encouraging the full talents of all our people, we will continue to ensure that our brands excel for their innovation, quality products and service. We will achieve this through active communications with our customers to ensure that we only provide solutions to their needs or enhancements to their quality of life.

Company Values & Beliefs

  • We care – We care about our customers, our colleagues and communities.

  • We’re fair and honest, always – We can be trusted, we have complete integrity.

  • We strive for excellence –  We always do the best we can, producing the best products and service, working as efficiently as possible.

  • We act consciously every day to keep everyone safe –  We have goals and aspirations, but our top priority is the safety of our colleagues, customers and our environment.

  • We’re ambitious, with the courage to be different – We’re hungry for growth and we aim to be creative and innovative. We’re prepared to do things differently and challenge norms and stereotypes.

  • We believe that even in the hardest of times, it’s important to find moments for laughter to bring a smile and help uplift us.  “Laughter is the best medicine.