International Nurses Day 2023 – Marjon Gerbrands

Can you tell us a fun fact about yourself?
I’m a nurse but never worked in a hospital – I worked in a nursing home for 26 years, then after my children where born (in 1989 and 1994) I sought additional training and education within my field. Last year, at the age of 58, I did my ‘final’ training (I guess) for stoma care nurse and this should be the last one, but you never know….

How did you get into nursing?
My mother used to work in homecare, which got my interest – and after my best friend told me she studied at a nice nursing school, I was convinced to follow her. Actually, I started in elderly care and then studied further to specialise, after my children were born.

How long have you been working for eakin?
I’ve been working for eakin since the May 1st 2016. That’s 7 years already!

What does your role involve?
When I started at eakin, I was in the role of Area Manager and visited hospital nurses at the outpatient clinic. Due to Covid-19, I was unable to visit hospitals and began advising and supporting patients who requested samples at eakin. With good advice and support, we can really help people with a stoma. That’s why I started the Stoma Care Nurse education so I can help, advise and support the use of our products to ostomates and nurse professionals. As a clinical nurse, I also provide bedside teaching for our wound care products.

What is your favourite part of being a stoma nurse?
To help improve the quality of life of an ostomate with help of our products. Every ostomate is unique. Searching for an ideal solution for individual needs is my daily drive – even if it’s not with our products, since it all depends on the individual, skin condition, lifestyle etc. But I’m really happy that I’m able to help people with my advice and our products.

What does being a nurse mean to you?
Take care of other people and help them to get a better life or quality of life, as mentioned earlier.