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Explore the psychological impacts of living life with an ostomy

Having an ostomy impacts a patient both physically and psychologically. Patients have to face the challenge of acquiring the necessary skills to live with the altered body and experience an emotional transition.

The possible negative psychological outcomes and emotional issues arising from having an ostomy make it essential to provide education and guidance material specifically addressing psychological impact.

We have provided a range of educational material to help support your learning, both webinar based and whitepaper. We hope you find the information useful in supporting your patients through this transitional period and beyond.

Clinical Resources

Evidence indicates that supporting psychological rehabilitation is paramount in achieving overall positive patient outcomes. View this webinar series, designed to address these psychological rehabilitation issues.

The whitepaper series entitled “Survivor to Thriver” explores the 3 main elements which many ostomates struggle to cope with:

  • Loss of control
  • Altered body image and loss of self-esteem.
  • Intimacy and sexual healing

View the results of the questionnaire which was designed to capture both day-to-day ostomy related issues and the psychological impact on individuals who have undergone stoma formation surgery.


Product choice

We have a wide range of pouches, seals and accessories to support your patients following discharge. If you would like samples, please contact your local rep.