eakin freeseal® – Making a Difference – Rachel’s Story

“I have had multiple surgeries over the years, with my first stoma created as a baby and a refashioned at the age of 30. Both scar tissue and pregnancy affected the position of my stoma and it began to recede.

I am using convex drainable stoma bags but to prevent leaks around my difficult stoma and protect my peristomal skin I decided to trial eakin freeseal®.

What was most surprising to me was how thin the seal is. It’s hard to believe that a seal at only 1.8mm thin would have the impact it claims to, but having trialled it for a few months it certainly does. Being so thin I don’t feel it beneath my baseplate.

It’s so satisfying when you peel it off the skin as it comes away softly and feels quite delicate. It is not sticky to touch so I’m not worried it will lose adhesion plus it is mouldable, allowing me to take control and mould it to the best fit for my stoma.

The seal’s main function is to absorb output preventing leaks, before it can penetrate the baseplate and start the dreaded itch. If you know, you know! Changing your bag when you choose to and not when you have to is the aim for all ostomates, and using such a seal allows planned, prepared bag changes putting me in control.

eakin freeseal® gives me confidence and it is incredibly comfortable to wear.”

Rachel, U.K.