Cohesive® Advantage Competition

During the ECET Congress in Salzburg earlier this year, staff at the Eakin Stand ran a competition on the Cohesive® Advantage.

Q: What enzymes that are harmful to the skin does Cohesive® inhibit?
A: Elastase and Lipase.

Q: What 3 ways does Cohesive® stop skin excoriation?
A: Absorbs water, reduces enzyme activity and physically blocks both biological and chemical irritants from coming into contact with the skin.

Staff at TG Eakin Limited were very pleased to welcome Sylvia, together with a colleague from KKH-Lörrach – Stephanie Schöneberg-Opalka (pictured above) – at the end of September. They had a tour of the TG Eakin Limited factory and were very impressed with the high quality and hygiene standards present.

The beautiful Culloden Hotel and the city of Belfast were further highlights of the trip; the ladies thoroughly enjoyed their stay in Northern Ireland.