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Treatment of excoriated peristomal skin

This case study examines the use of Eakin Cohesive® Seals, combined with other products, to treat severely excoriated skin.

Author: Lauraine Martel, Client Care Counselor,wound and ostomy. CSSS Pierre-De Saurel
Patient Details:

  • 79 year old male
  • Stoma surgery in July 2000 to create a colostomy, due to formation of tumorous tissue.


Assessment details: 29th June 2010

  • Patient was assessed on his first admission to hospital and was previously using a Hollister 2 piece appliance
  • Stoma was round, flush and slightly retracted (peristalsis) with an opening at around 6 o’clock. The abdomen was round and deformed with multiple hernias and a crevice from 3-7 o’clock
  • Peristomal skin was excoriated and a wound had developed around the stoma causing serous redness and pain
  • To treat the patient, an Eakin Cohesive® Seal was applied from 3-12 o’clock. AQUACEL® Ag Hydrofiber® Dressing was applied on the wound from 3-9 o’clock with hydrocolloid (DuoDERM® Extra Thin) and the Stanley Procedure (powder and Cavilon™) also used. Reduced pressure was used to apply the ConvaTec Moldable Technology™ convex wafer 404593
  • This resulted in a weartime of 48 hours.

Assessment details: 9th July 2010

  • When the patient was assessed 10 days later, there was a significant improvement in the skin condition
  • The broken skin had disappeared after using powder, Cavilon™ and Cohesive®
  • There was a great improvement in skin lesions
  • Ulcerations near the stoma have remained the same, so use of AQUACEL® Ag Hydrofiber® Dressing and Eakin Cohesive® was continued
  • Pouch weartime is still 2 days
  • As the patient has shown considerable improvement since his last assessment, the same treatment was continued.


Assessment details: 21st July 2010

  • Skin condition has improved
  • Treatment was continued
  • Frequency of pouch change has increased to 3 days.


21st July 2010: d