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Treatment of a wound using Eakin Wound Pouches

This case study looks at the treatment of a wound using Eakin Wound Pouches.

By Riitta Holttinen, Turku University Hospital, Finland 

Patient background 

  • 77 year old
  • Travsverostomy surgery
  • Emergency temporary stoma formed due to bowel cancer.

Case details 

  • Patient had chemotherapy approx. 3months after the surgery. Due to skin irritation patient had to seek treatment 3 weeks after the chemotherapy ended. No leakages, patient was allergic to the base plate - changed to another label (base plate). 
  • Picture number 1 is from the time patient entered the ward. Skin irritation got worse when using new base plate. 
  • They started to empty the bowel (picture 2). Before that they changed to Eakin Wound Pouch (picture 3). On the day of the surgery faecal output got between base plate and skin and that irritated the skin even more. All the base plates that were used before were firm and securely attached (Eakin stomawrap was in use) so the redness in the skin wasn't due to the leakages. Picture 4 was taken on the next day which was the day of the surgery. Skin is visibly less red and more dry. Picture 5 is 4 days after the surgery. There is 9 days between the first picture and the last picture.



Stoma was planned to be closed and on the day they were emptying the bowel, they used Eakin Wound pouch as a stoma pouch. Pouch was removed on the next day (day of the surgery) and as you can see, the skin was in much better condition than before!