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Wound Pouches™

Eakin Wound Pouches™ are designed to collect wound exudate, whilst the integrated Cohesive® Skin Barrier offers complete skin protection and a secure fit. There are 2 different closures and a wide variety of sizes in the range.

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When should Eakin Wound Pouches™ be used?
Eakin Wound Pouches™ provide a comfortable, skin friendly, cost effective and time saving procedure that can be used for various applications such as:
  • managing fistulae
  • managing multiple or irregular stomas
  • managing high output wounds.

The wide range of sizes means there is a pouch to suit all eventualities from paediatric care to long incision wounds and extremely large wounds.
For detailed examples of such please visit our Research & Publications Section.

Eakin Wound Pouches™ have the following features and benefits:

  • A Cohesive® Skin Barrier on each pouch - This provides complete skin protection against excoriation, ensures a secure fit regardless of site shape and is flexible and comfortable for the patient.
  • Provides one comprehensive wound care solution – Which is both cost-effective and time saving for the nurse whilst enhancing patient comfort. Click here for examples of cost and time savings over alternative methods.
  • Variety of sizes - Can accommodate all wounds and fistulae, from paediatric to large post-operative wounds and mid-line incision wounds. The Eakin Maxi Wound Pouch™ is the largest wound drainage pouch on the market! If necessary the pouches can also be joined together. For guidance on how this is done click here.
  • 2 Closures available - ‘Fold & Tuck’ Pouches allow patient mobility and extra comfort whilst pouches with a ‘Bung’ closure allow easier emptying and connection to drainage.
  • Transparent plastic - This allows easy viewing of the wound without having to remove the pouch, contains any odour emanating from the wound and can be wiped clean to maintain hygiene.
  • Eakin Access Window™ - Can be fitted to all but the smallest pouches in the range, to allow instant access to the wound for viewing, dressing or irrigating without having to remove the entire dressing. For a demonstration on how Access Windows™ are applied click here.
  • Tracing template - Supplied with every Wound Pouch to facilitate accurate wound tracing and ensure best fit around the wounds and fistulae. For guidance on how to use the tracing template and fit the Pouch click here for our online video.
  • Compatible with Eakin Cohesive® products - Cohesive Paste® can be used to fill scars or skin folds and Cohesive® Seals to ‘picture frame’ the wound for longer, more secure weartime and additional skin protection.
  • Eakin Cohesive® Skin Barriers are also available to provide additional skin protection and leakage prevention. By moulding additional Eakin Cohesive® around the wound, especially in scar or skin fold areas, or other areas prone to leakage, the Eakin Wound Pouch can stay more securely in position for longer.

This video demonstrates how an Eakin Wound Pouch™ should be applied. Many of the complementary Eakin products feature also, such as Release™ Adhesive Remover Wipes to remove any residue from around the wound area. Cohesive® Seals, Cohesive® Paste and Cohesive® Skin Barriers are used to 'picture frame' the wound.

Please click here to watch our video

Eakin Access Windows™ are used in combination with Eakin Wound Pouches™ to allow the user to gain access, view, irrigate and dress the wound. They add value by prolonging the weartime of the pouch and avoiding unnecessary trauma to the skin by removing the pouch prematurely.

View our step-by-step guide to applying an Eakin Access Window.