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Eakin Dot 2 piece system to manage a young baby with an ileostomy

This case study look at the use of eakin dot 2-piece to manage an ileostomy on a young baby.

By Elisabeth Solle, ET Nurse at Hôpital des Enfants de Pellegrin at CHU Bordeaux, France.


The baby was born via normal delivery weighing 3400g (7lbs 5oz). He was then admitted to hospital due to occlusive syndrome and delayed passage of meconium, bloating and non-bilious vomiting. Surgery was performed to form an ileostomy.

He was in hospital for one month, accompanied by his mother who frequently stayed overnight. In her own time, she learned to manage his ileostomy herself.


Case details:

I chose the Eakin Dot 2 piece system because the baby’s weight could tolerate it.  The hydrocolloid adheres well, the base plate is flexible, the baby’s skin is healthy and there were no leaks after 3 days.  The baby’s parents are satisfied with the system and the pop-up flange is big enough that they can place their fingers under it, without putting pressure on the abdomen.  Emptying the bag is easy, thanks to the little pull tab which allows you to open the pouch quickly.