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eakin dot 2-piece for peristomal skin problems

This case study looks at the use of eakin dot 2-piece for peristomal skin problems

By Bataa EL-Erakey, Stoma Nurse, Australia

Patient history:

  • Mr PF had a history of rectal cancer
  • APER with formation of end colostomy
  • Discharged from hospital using 1-piece convex drainable pouch


  • Alternating bowel motion from loose to solid
  • Difficult to drain pouch when output solid
  • Too many pouch changes when output loose
  • Has had leakages
  • Has developed peristomal skin excoriation

Nurse review:

  • Peristomal skin excoriated
  • Feels uncomfortable
  • Leakages due to unpredictable output
  • Difficulty in placing 1-piece accurately
Mr PF wearing the eakin dot 2-piece

Nurse recommends eakin dot® 2-piece:

  • Flexible pouch options to cater for differences in output
  • skinsmartTM hydrocolloid extends wear time
  • Easy accurate placement of baseplate prevents leakages
Peristomal skin improved


  • Peristomal skin improved
  • No leakages
  • Ease of use
  • Able to alternate between closed and drainable pouches depending on output