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Discover what the new eakin dot® 2-piece can do for you.

So whether you enjoy travelling, gardening, doing something sporty or simply being with family or friends, the eakin dot® 2-piece lets you get on with life.

A bag that gives you complete piece of mind

Using an ostomy bag can sometimes be an anxious, leaky experience. Our new eakin dot® 2-piece bag is designed with clever peace of mind features to make you feel more secure and comfortable (and make bag changes a little speedier too!)

  • The specially designed skinsmart adhesive for longer-life wear means your baseplate sticks instantly and securely to your skin - and stays in place for longer!
  • The audible click when your baseplate and bag are attached reassures you that the connection is secure.
  • The unique peel down action when changing your bag gives you maximum control and less chance of a spillage

"I feel 100% secure with the audible click"

  • The 'pop-up' baseplate which provides ample fingerspace to make bag attachment quicker and easier without putting pressure on your tummy.
  • The purple guiding ring on your baseplate which helps you easily see where to attach your bag.
  • The ability to attach your bag at any angle will also save you a few precious minutes.

"It's really easy to attach and remove"


  • The soft foam backing on your baseplate will help you feel more comfortable
  • 6-flutes in the baseplate which help it to flex and bend whilst also moulding to any body shape or size.
  • The innovative skinsmartadhesive for longer-life wear is very skin friendly and suitable for even the most sensitive skin.

“The 6-fluted baseplate provides a soft, flexible fit”

Easy Steps to Apply & Remove

To Apply

1. Pop Up


2. Click Together

To Remove

3. Peel Down

See what the eakin dot® 2-piece bag can do for you - Watch the video to learn more

What our users say!

It has changed my life & given me the confidence to go to work & socialize again.

I would highly recommend this system for its comfort, security and ease of use.

Bag changes are less laborious - the seal is 100% every time.

I really like the innovation of the POP up flange as it’s easy to apply and no pressure on the abdomen.

So very secure, and very easy to remove.

The seal on the pouch is great & is impossible to apply wrong so the seal is perfect every time.

I may have found my perfect bag!

Discover what the new eakin dot® bag can do for you.

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