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Colostomy Association visit Eakin

Staff at Eakin, in conjunction with Adam Foy from Pelican Healthcare, were delighted to welcome members of the Colostomy Association to our premises on 10th December for a Christmas visit.

Throughout the morning our guests enjoyed a presentation from Jeremy Eakin, received more information about the Eakin and Pelican products from Adam and had a tour of our newly extended factory, during which they were hugely impressed by the quality control standards in place. The visit concluded with a Christmas lunch. 

The Colostomy Association are a UK registered charity representing the interests of people with a colostomy. They provide support and advice to families and carers both before and after surgery. They strive to raise awareness of what it is like to have a stoma. We wish them continued success in their good work. Please click for more information on the Colostomy Association.