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eakin Cohesive® paste

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eakin Cohesive® paste is an alcohol-free, no sting adhesive paste and a skin friendly filler for effective protection against leakage.

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Skin protection and its condition are important considerations when pouching your stoma.

eakin cohesive® paste helps by creating an optimal surface by filling in skin folds, scars and creases around your stoma, ensuring the appliance fits more securely.

4 GREAT REASONS to use eakin Cohesive® Paste

1.Skin Friendly Filler

eakin Cohesive® Paste contains no alcohol in its non-sting formulation1 and can be used on sensitive skin.

2. Helps Prevent Leakage

Aids leakage prevention by forming a level skin surface around the stoma and creating a durable barrier.

3. Quick and Reliable

Contains no alcohol so paste doesn't dry out. Save time as you can apply your next pouch immediately.

4. Could increase pouch weartime2

An optimal pouching surface which improves the likelihood of good adhesion, helps reduce the risk of leakage and could increase pouch weartime.

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