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Treatment of Wound Infection on Knee Following Surgery

Author:  Maria Ocampo, Wound CNC, St Vincents Private Hospital, Sydney.

A 74 male with history of left knee replacement in 2006, arthritis and gout.  He has been in and out of hospital due to frequent infection on the left knee.
Figure 1Figure 1
This picture was taken on the 15/05/08, 3 days after removal of the infected knee prosthesis.  Wound swab was positive of +3 Staph aureus.  The wound was very inflamed and highly exudating.  Nurses would change dressings 2-3 times a day as the foam/pad could not contain the exudate.
Figure 2Figure 2
As a referral was sent to the Wound CNC and automatically applied an Eakin drainage bag (size 175x110 mm). The patient was more comfortable as the dressings did not need to be changed too frequently.  It did not cause any skin irritation and there was minimal pain when the bag was changed.  This bag stayed for 5 days without lifting the sides and at the same time, the wound was assessed without touching the dressing.
Figure 3Figure 3This picture was taken on the 21/05/08. Seven days since the initial drainage bag was applied. The exudate has settled. Nil maceration from the peri wound skin.